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The MDBIllers team is skilled in effectively managing the complexities of maintaining accurate electronic medical records, efficiently running a medical office, and balancing personal and family commitments. Our team of highly skilled medical scribes and virtual assistants quickly become invaluable members of a medical practice, allowing physicians to prioritize meaningful interactions with their patients.

Why MDBillers?

Discover numerous effective solutions for medical charting, coding, and administrative tasks:

  1. Quality Services

    MDBillers is dedicated to delivering unparalleled excellence through our commitment to quality services. We strive to set the benchmark for excellence in our industry.

  2. Planning & Strategy

    MDBillers excels in strategic planning, crafting robust strategies to drive your business forward. With meticulous planning and innovative strategies, we help you achieve your business goals efficiently.

  1. Clients Satifaction

    At MDBillers, client satisfaction is our top priority. We are dedicated to exceeding expectations and ensuring that every client receives exceptional service tailored to their needs.

  2. Independent Staff

    A comprehensive virtual assistant program enhances office efficiency. Managing insurance eligibility verification and pre-authorization reduces denials. Coordinating referrals and managing information enhances patient care.

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